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Whether a 15-minute keynote, a 90-minute specialist lecture or a full-day or multi-day seminar for your company, organization or institution, I am happy to share my knowledge and expert opinions with you.

I am happy to speak on the following topics:

On further topics upon request!

What does strategy really mean? Many talk about it, but strategy is often confused with tactics.


How can resilience to crises and shocks be characterized? 


Planning is anticipating future actions, but how does planning work?


Inner city/town core development

Who would not like to have lively town and city centers? 


Spatial aspects
of digitization

Digitization does not end with the expansion of Internet broadband, it begins with it! 


Integrated spatial and energy planning – energy transition and climate protection

How can more energy efficiency be achieved with integrated spatial and energy planning?



The post-fossil age not only includes the energy transition.

Climate change adaptation

Urban heat islands, stormwaters, floodings and other natural hazards are increasingly getting our attention. 

Quantitative soil protection

Every day, every year, enormous green areas are converted into building land and infrastructure.

Spatial planning &

How does the spatial development affect ecological habitats?