Strategy, Resilience, Planning

In my consulting services I combine strategy, resilience and planning in order to better prepare your company for crises, shocks and transformation. Simultanously, I show long-term prospects for the sustainable development of your company.

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Strategy is the "art of the general", the holistic perspective of the whole. Strategic thinking takes into account how your company, your organization or your institution is positioned in its environment, how it is influenced and how it influences its respective environment. If you act strategically, you align yourself with visions and goals, develop and weigh up alternatives and reflect your actions in the light of the external framework conditions. Spatial factors play an important role in how you can develop and acquire resources, capital, workforce and markets. You should, therefore, incorporate these aspects right from the start into your learning and reflection processes on how you strategically align your company, organization or institution. I will support you!


Do you want your company, organization or institution to be safe and resistant to crises? Resilience allows the basic functions of a system - your company, your organization or institution - to be maintained despite a crisis, a shock or transformation. You can adapt to the changed external framework conditions (adaptive resilience) or use crises as a starting point for changes (transformative resilience). In both cases, the focus is on the long-term, purposeful existence of your company, organization or institution. Spatial resilience offers a starting point for increasing crisis security by just considering a few, but very effective planning principles. I would be happy to advise you on how you can transfer these resilience-oriented principles to your company, organization or institution. We will address challenges, trade-offs and target conflicts and solve them together. Together, we will elaborate solutions on how the resilience of your company can be improved.



Through planning, future actions are anticipated. In my consultancy work, I see planning as a process of knowledge generation and reflection that takes place both on the level of values and on the factual level. The level of values comprises the visions and goals of your company, organization or institution. The factual level characterizes the facts that can be checked, measured or assessed using scientific methods. Strategy and resilience in particular intervene deeply in the corporate culture by influencing visions and goals – i.e. the value level – and, thus, also the interpretations of the factual level. With scenario planning, the sometimes great uncertainties and even the unfamiliarity of developments such as digitization, climate change, the energy transition, etc. can be constructively integrated into corporate management. I will be happy to accompany you on the relevant knowledge and reflection processes in order to make your company, your organization or institution and your societal environment more sustainable and crisis-proof through your products and services. This not only helps you to increase the resilience of your company, your organization or institution and to improve your internal and external relations, but also provides a complementary basis for your marketing and PR.

The SRP-methodology

Strategic alignment, resilience and future viability of your company

The SRP methodology is designed for the long-term strategic management of your company and focuses on knowledge and reflection processes with regard to strategic alignment, resilience and future viability of your company, organization or institution. This consideration does not end at the company gate, but also takes into account the foreseeable positive and negative consequences of entrepreneurial activity on the environment, economy and society.

The SRP methodology is based on the collaboration with you as a manager/executive and, if you wish, with the employees of your company in participatory processes. In my consultation, I accompany your knowledge and reflection processes with targeted analyses and inputs tailored to your needs for more resilience and future security. With my advice you will acquire the skills to take the resilience-oriented aspects into account in your day-to-day management activities in a self-organized manner with your own know-how and staff. I am always available to reflect on your strategies.


SRP-target groups

The consulting services are tailored to the needs of your company and the specific issues are jointly
developed. As a result, tegether we embed resilience analyzes and resilience thinking in strategic
corporate planning and corporate organization. Resilience-oriented processes and procedures work
best when they are not only applied in the event of a crisis, but when resilience thinking is integrated
into daily corporate practice. We will develop these strategies, processes and procedures together.

Energy technology providers and energy utilities
Transport companies and
the automotive industry
Real estate
Banks, investment funds
and insurance companies
Authorities and public institutions