I am Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Dr. Gernot Stöglehner

My work is devoted to create a more environmentally friendly, more resilient and more sustainable world to ensures that we and our descendants can secure our survival and a high quality of life. This is the subject of my scientific work, my publications and lectures. For your company, this means that we can establish procedures to permanently monitor crisis security and sustainability, and that I can show you ways in which you can optimize your company and secure your investments in the long term on the one hand, and how we can contribute to an environmentally conscious and sustainable development of society.

An important cornerstone in my career was – after completing a degree in landscape planning as well as a postgraduate degree in environmental engineering – my work in local spatial planning as an employee of a civil engineering office in Upper Austria from 1995-1999. At that time I contributed to shape all spatial aspects of community development from the creation of residential building land, business areas, inner-city development, public infrastructure to the protection of open spaces. Strengthened by these experiences, I returned to the Spatial Planning Institute of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in 1999. This was complemented by the doctorate about the strategic environmental assessment in 2003 and the habilitation in environmental planning in 2010. My work allows me not only to do research about various spatial planning topics, but have to immerse myself deeply in topics related to strategy, planning, evaluation and decision-making methods as well as spatial resilience. A highlight of my career is undoubtedly the appointment as Professor for Spatial Research and Spatial Planning at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna in 2016. Since then I also head the Institute for Spatial Environmental Planning and Land Rearrangement.

Since 2009, I have been intensively doing research on a wide variety of spatial planning and development issues, being internationally known for strategically integrating spatial planning, the energy transition and climate protection on the one hand, for the development of decision making methods, and for strategic planning and assessment as well as resilience on the other hand. The desire to implement scientific knowledge in society and economy has brought me to entrepreneurship. A lot of knowledge that my research teams and I have generated and published in recent years could be directly used by companies. In order to transfer this knowledge to specific applications in your company, I decided to start the SRP Stoeglehner Consulting e.U. in addition to my university activities. It would be a pleasure if you would apply my knowledge in your company!


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